Spring Fever – Still Here – Ann Daneke

Bank of California advertisement 1870I created Facebook with others. I created that which Facebook rides. I created it without security as none is needed. Facebook is a network of backend servers connected in a fault tolerant configuration with front end communication via another network of servers that allow the users to connect. We started it by simply connecting 2 computers. From there it grew and now all computers are connected. Routers convert move high level networks using IP4 and now IP6 from location to location and switches move local traffic between devices. Peer to peer communication is a safe communication form but all communication can and is most likely mirrored and that means that if you send an email, text, SMS, or whatever that is most likely mirrored at the NSA or google or whatever. I don’t care what you see so it doesn’t matter to me.

robertson 1I created the demons (daemons). I’m just telling you how it works. Government is for-profit and is based on usury. The UNITED STATES is a corporation, fluoride is rat poison, vaccines contain mercury and are a cause of autism, all corporations are owned by the UNITED STATES and the government is de-facto. My father was quite high up in the Federal Reserve System and well taken care of. I’m broke with a cat. I stay busy programming servers for hours and doing websites (same thing) and posting on Facebook and making videos for the masses who don’t read. Sacramento Sheriff, you are criminal conspirators and racketeers along with all so called “law enforcement.” chipsrobert_danekeYou have violated your oath stacks_image_967and a Grand Jury should here whether you should be arrested and tried immediately with no appeal as per your California Constitution or U.S.CODE TITLE 18USC§241,241, and my favorite 18USC§2381 (treason) Attorneys are not citizens of the several states. IMAG0007They are turncoat British Agents with a royal title of Esquire (except women). They are members of the Temple Bar and are Freemasons. As British spies they observe the 1917 Trading With the Enemy Act (1933 also) and all UNITED STATES CITIZENS are enemies and are treated as such. I am not such a CITIZEN.IMG_20131002_162518 I use no name and have no beef. I’d like to be given some type of remedy for the abuse I have received over my lifetime while I was treated as a lab rat. This rat wants to retire!DSC005361


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