Federal Reserve System

fedlogoThe Federal Reserve is a British Bank of Issue (they print money and don’t answer questions)  and doesn’t belong here and was put here under a fake president (Woodrow Wilson). wilsonWoodrow was just a pawn for the Bank of England and such folks as Schiff, Warburg, Occidental, Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller and the usual suspects. Unless that Bank is removed and the fedBank of the united States replaces it, there is little if any hope for the America that Washington, Jefferson, and Hamilton founded. The Federal Reserve is NOT Federal and has NO Reserves and is forbidden by the Constitution.

Bank of California advertisement 1870The Bank was put here to finance the U.S. going to World War I, which would not have happened as with our current system we had no money to fight people and preferred to be peaceful. We were isolated and happy. bank fo californiaThe Bankers wanted global control and these people financed and ARE the Nazis, Fascists, Communists and what ever else you can think of. They are British agents as are the American Bar Association members and they do NOT have the best interests of we natives of the land. I would ask they leave California at once with their puppet United States government. We can handle California all by our selves, thanks. My father was once VP and GM of the Bank of California in the true capitol of California, San Jose. He supported the Fed…I do not.

taftTaft was a VERY popular President right before Woodrow Wilson and President Taft weighed 400 pounds. America was in extreme prosperity at the time. Time to lose the Hollywood Washington and get serious.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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