Been awhile

IMG_20131112_124706Do you have a Social Security number, driver license number, marriage license number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passport number? You’re a criminal and that number is public proof of your fraud. You had no right to use the ALL CAPS name as that is a corporation. It was a trick and you fell for it. I dropped out quite some time ago and live without any government assistance of any kind, and with no expectation of any Social Security benefits or retirement based on current banking. Dad was a General Manager Vice President of Bank of California both Sacramento and San Jose and President of Bank of Santa Clara and maxresdefaultFounder and President of American River Bank. I was involved with the founding. Dad once told the Board at American River Bank with Buzz Oates at the table that it was Dad’s way or here’s the badge and gun. Buzz and the Board smartly backed down. Dad worked for peanuts and the men who use that organization me 008today are beyond wealthy, men like Taber. I’m tired of being broke and yet being the legitimate Sheriff of Sacramento County being the only man with no Social Security number and hence no conflict of interest. I was watching documentary about 2/22/11 earthquake in Christchurch and I’m again reminded what a complete abortion this planet really is.blue_angels_sf10_21


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