A little history

Licenses are unfair to we, lawful lesbians. I’m transgender. You laugh.

Monogamous licensed relationship.
I find that unnatural.

You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime
You just might find
You get what you need.

I like prostitutes, whores and sluts. What’s not to live about us? Just don’t have this “cash” at the moment, so shall we barter? I used to go to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch long before it was on HBO. Really nice place…I had a great time! I knew a man who gave girls a lift in his semi to move them from ranch to ranch. Girls work the various ranches up and down Nevada. I used to live in Vegas and know all about it. I drove a cab there and did business with the mafia. I had a business license.

Anyway, during my current financial situation I can trade with repairs, computer genius, sense of humor, and I can write and send letters putting the fear of their god (gold oil diamonds) in their hearts. I can get your WordPress goggled in seconds.

Something’s not write on the land that I walk on. Too many statutes and codes and enforcers paid to go against we who don’t pay bribes and get licenses and permits from the true terrorists and criminals of the world…the U.S. Government…a de-facto corporation with zero jurisdiction over any man who has half a clue who he is.

Who am I? Just some guy who was born in the Bay Area and lived the entire state of California from San Diego to Butte including all the big cities. I lived in Vegas, Portland, Denver and I traveled first class when I worked for DELL. I stayed in nice Marriotts and was well known by various hotels for my frequency of staying, such as the 2 in Salt Lake City, Waikiki, Ontairo, Cal..I’ve seen some areas do things real well like Portland with mass transit and Denver with 16th Street Mall and light rail. My astrology chart says I’m a born leader. Nothing yet.

I was raised in a country club environment by a banker. This 6’4″ 240 pound bald banker went to Bohemian Grove, was vice president of Bank of California Watt Ave and San Jose Main, and president of Bank of Santa Clara and president and founder of American River Bank in Fair Oaks, board member of Goodwill of Santa Clara, Boys City Boys Club, Saint Clair Club, San Jose Rotary, Santa Clara Rotary, San Jose Country Club. In Sacramento I lived in Arden Park and in San Jose I lived in a 4400 square foot mini-mansion on the side of a hill in Los Gatos, with 3 car garage, 20×40 pool, and I attended a Jesuit College Prep, Bellarmine, for 2 years when I transferred to the local public school, Westmont. I took the test and left there when I was 17. I attended West Valley College at Age 17 and at 18 I was a freshman at the University of Iowa. A few months after arriving in Iowa City and living at the dorms, I got a job driving a school bus and soon I dropped out and drove a city bus for the City of Coralville, Iowa. Then it gets hazy.

Mom went to Sac City High, Berkeley, Montana, Radcliffe, Kappa Alpha Theta, and then through it all away getting married. She had 5 too many children (I’m one of them) and fed them sugar, fluoride, steroids, but she did okay for being stupid enough to sign a license and live that that. She had a nice temper. She drove a new ’72 Oldsmobile Tornado. She was well known in Sacramento and unknown in Los Gatos, as was my sister who went from senior year cheerleader at Rio Americano to Mormon at Saratoga High.

At Age 12 when I moved from Sacramento to Saratoga, I went from First Chair Clarinet, swimmer, golfer at a leading country club and more to outcast in Saratoga in the first of 2 Middle Schools for a total of three middle schools I endured. Middle Schools are terrorist organizations if you don’t run the place the way I formerly ran Sacramento. In Saratoga we were too far from San Jose Country Club for a young teen to go where in Sacramento I could easily walk. But hey, I don’t get the information I have by having an easy life I guess.

I’ve seen waste and corruption by all who have a Social Security Number that I no longer have. You’re all criminals…that’s what makes it tough on me.

Plenty of stuff here to blackmail me with along with my tastes in sexual things. I don’t fret about such things. I put it out who I am and I’m not some scumbag “hater” as some have called me. I am a man who is accustomed the the finer things in life living not in that manner and knowing that he is in honor.

Have to go to my blog to see the rest.


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