Spring Fever – Still Here – Ann Daneke

Bank of California advertisement 1870I created Facebook with others. I created that which Facebook rides. I created it without security as none is needed. Facebook is a network of backend servers connected in a fault tolerant configuration with front end communication via another network of servers that allow the users to connect. We started it by simply connecting 2 computers. From there it grew and now all computers are connected. Routers convert move high level networks using IP4 and now IP6 from location to location and switches move local traffic between devices. Peer to peer communication is a safe communication form but all communication can and is most likely mirrored and that means that if you send an email, text, SMS, or whatever that is most likely mirrored at the NSA or google or whatever. I don’t care what you see so it doesn’t matter to me.

robertson 1I created the demons (daemons). I’m just telling you how it works. Government is for-profit and is based on usury. The UNITED STATES is a corporation, fluoride is rat poison, vaccines contain mercury and are a cause of autism, all corporations are owned by the UNITED STATES and the government is de-facto. My father was quite high up in the Federal Reserve System and well taken care of. I’m broke with a cat. I stay busy programming servers for hours and doing websites (same thing) and posting on Facebook and making videos for the masses who don’t read. Sacramento Sheriff, you are criminal conspirators and racketeers along with all so called “law enforcement.” chipsrobert_danekeYou have violated your oath stacks_image_967and a Grand Jury should here whether you should be arrested and tried immediately with no appeal as per your California Constitution or U.S.CODE TITLE 18USC§241,241, and my favorite 18USC§2381 (treason) Attorneys are not citizens of the several states. IMAG0007They are turncoat British Agents with a royal title of Esquire (except women). They are members of the Temple Bar and are Freemasons. As British spies they observe the 1917 Trading With the Enemy Act (1933 also) and all UNITED STATES CITIZENS are enemies and are treated as such. I am not such a CITIZEN.IMG_20131002_162518 I use no name and have no beef. I’d like to be given some type of remedy for the abuse I have received over my lifetime while I was treated as a lab rat. This rat wants to retire!DSC005361


World Trade Center 9/11, American Airlines 191 and Delta 911. All meant death and all Masonic.

191 and 911 are favorite Free Masonic numbers. Both American Airlines 191 and Delta Airlines 191 resulted in “Heavy” crashes, Delta in Florida, and American in Chicago. I was on the plane and then I was in a TWA, so I jumped quantum when that happened. In my world that flight was bound for San Francisco. These were intentional Masonic/Baal/Molech burnt offerings or holocosts as the Bible states it here. Think of the children and babied killed on those 2 major airplane crashes and the thousands killed on the big one, 911. These were leading to 911. They used all iterations of 911 and the biggest was 9/11/01 and those buildings were planted The Trade Centers began con-struction August of 1968 and 9 years and 9 months later AA 191 went down with the same numbers that would be remembered for the holocaust 9/11/1. Them Masons love them numbers.

One World Trade Center topping 12/23/1970 25 7
Opened 4/4/1973 28 10
Construction Started Aug 1968
Groundbreaking 8/25/1966 37 10

Two World Trade Center topping 7/19/1971 35 8
Opened 4/4/1973
Construction Started 1/??/1969
Groundbreaking 8/25/1966

  • American Airlines Flight 11: a Boeing 767 aircraft, departed Boston’s Logan Airport at 7:59 a.m. en route to Los Angeles with a crew of 11 and 76 passengers, not including five hijackers. The hijackers flew the plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m.
  • United Airlines Flight 175: a Boeing 767 aircraft, departed Logan Airport at 8:14 a.m. en route to Los Angeles with a crew of nine and 51 passengers, not including five hijackers. The hijackers flew the plane into the South Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:03 a.m.
  • American Airlines Flight 77: a Boeing 757 aircraft, departed Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia at 8:20 a.m. en route to Los Angeles with a crew of six and 53 passengers, not including five hijackers. The hijackers flew the plane into the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m.
  • United Airlines Flight 93: a Boeing 757 aircraft, departed Newark International Airport at 8:42 a.m. en route to San Francisco, with a crew of seven and 33 passengers, not including four hijackers. As passengers attempted to subdue the hijackers, the aircraft crashed into the ground near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, at 10:03 a.m.

Delta Flight 191 8/2/1985 33 6

American Airlines 191 5/28/1978 40 4

Jeremiah 32:35 And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.

Interesting stuff, I Am.

Federal Reserve System

fedlogoThe Federal Reserve is a British Bank of Issue (they print money and don’t answer questions)  and doesn’t belong here and was put here under a fake president (Woodrow Wilson). wilsonWoodrow was just a pawn for the Bank of England and such folks as Schiff, Warburg, Occidental, Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller and the usual suspects. Unless that Bank is removed and the fedBank of the united States replaces it, there is little if any hope for the America that Washington, Jefferson, and Hamilton founded. The Federal Reserve is NOT Federal and has NO Reserves and is forbidden by the Constitution.

Bank of California advertisement 1870The Bank was put here to finance the U.S. going to World War I, which would not have happened as with our current system we had no money to fight people and preferred to be peaceful. We were isolated and happy. bank fo californiaThe Bankers wanted global control and these people financed and ARE the Nazis, Fascists, Communists and what ever else you can think of. They are British agents as are the American Bar Association members and they do NOT have the best interests of we natives of the land. I would ask they leave California at once with their puppet United States government. We can handle California all by our selves, thanks. My father was once VP and GM of the Bank of California in the true capitol of California, San Jose. He supported the Fed…I do not.

taftTaft was a VERY popular President right before Woodrow Wilson and President Taft weighed 400 pounds. America was in extreme prosperity at the time. Time to lose the Hollywood Washington and get serious.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

California Militia Constitution 1849

Article VII.


Sec. 1. The Legislature shall provide by law for organising and disciplining the militia, in such manner as they shall deem expedient, not incompatible with the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Sec. 2. Officers of the militia shall be elected, or appointed, in such a manner as the Legislature shall from time to time direct, and shall be commissioned by the governor.

Sec. 3. The governor shall have power to call forth the militia, to execute the laws of the State, to suppress insurrections, and repel invasions.

Been awhile

IMG_20131112_124706Do you have a Social Security number, driver license number, marriage license number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passport number? You’re a criminal and that number is public proof of your fraud. You had no right to use the ALL CAPS name as that is a corporation. It was a trick and you fell for it. I dropped out quite some time ago and live without any government assistance of any kind, and with no expectation of any Social Security benefits or retirement based on current banking. Dad was a General Manager Vice President of Bank of California both Sacramento and San Jose and President of Bank of Santa Clara and maxresdefaultFounder and President of American River Bank. I was involved with the founding. Dad once told the Board at American River Bank with Buzz Oates at the table that it was Dad’s way or here’s the badge and gun. Buzz and the Board smartly backed down. Dad worked for peanuts and the men who use that organization me 008today are beyond wealthy, men like Taber. I’m tired of being broke and yet being the legitimate Sheriff of Sacramento County being the only man with no Social Security number and hence no conflict of interest. I was watching documentary about 2/22/11 earthquake in Christchurch and I’m again reminded what a complete abortion this planet really is.blue_angels_sf10_21

A little history

Licenses are unfair to we, lawful lesbians. I’m transgender. You laugh.

Monogamous licensed relationship.
I find that unnatural.

You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime
You just might find
You get what you need.

I like prostitutes, whores and sluts. What’s not to live about us? Just don’t have this “cash” at the moment, so shall we barter? I used to go to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch long before it was on HBO. Really nice place…I had a great time! I knew a man who gave girls a lift in his semi to move them from ranch to ranch. Girls work the various ranches up and down Nevada. I used to live in Vegas and know all about it. I drove a cab there and did business with the mafia. I had a business license.

Anyway, during my current financial situation I can trade with repairs, computer genius, sense of humor, and I can write and send letters putting the fear of their god (gold oil diamonds) in their hearts. I can get your WordPress goggled in seconds.

Something’s not write on the land that I walk on. Too many statutes and codes and enforcers paid to go against we who don’t pay bribes and get licenses and permits from the true terrorists and criminals of the world…the U.S. Government…a de-facto corporation with zero jurisdiction over any man who has half a clue who he is.

Who am I? Just some guy who was born in the Bay Area and lived the entire state of California from San Diego to Butte including all the big cities. I lived in Vegas, Portland, Denver and I traveled first class when I worked for DELL. I stayed in nice Marriotts and was well known by various hotels for my frequency of staying, such as the 2 in Salt Lake City, Waikiki, Ontairo, Cal..I’ve seen some areas do things real well like Portland with mass transit and Denver with 16th Street Mall and light rail. My astrology chart says I’m a born leader. Nothing yet.

I was raised in a country club environment by a banker. This 6’4″ 240 pound bald banker went to Bohemian Grove, was vice president of Bank of California Watt Ave and San Jose Main, and president of Bank of Santa Clara and president and founder of American River Bank in Fair Oaks, board member of Goodwill of Santa Clara, Boys City Boys Club, Saint Clair Club, San Jose Rotary, Santa Clara Rotary, San Jose Country Club. In Sacramento I lived in Arden Park and in San Jose I lived in a 4400 square foot mini-mansion on the side of a hill in Los Gatos, with 3 car garage, 20×40 pool, and I attended a Jesuit College Prep, Bellarmine, for 2 years when I transferred to the local public school, Westmont. I took the test and left there when I was 17. I attended West Valley College at Age 17 and at 18 I was a freshman at the University of Iowa. A few months after arriving in Iowa City and living at the dorms, I got a job driving a school bus and soon I dropped out and drove a city bus for the City of Coralville, Iowa. Then it gets hazy.

Mom went to Sac City High, Berkeley, Montana, Radcliffe, Kappa Alpha Theta, and then through it all away getting married. She had 5 too many children (I’m one of them) and fed them sugar, fluoride, steroids, but she did okay for being stupid enough to sign a license and live that that. She had a nice temper. She drove a new ’72 Oldsmobile Tornado. She was well known in Sacramento and unknown in Los Gatos, as was my sister who went from senior year cheerleader at Rio Americano to Mormon at Saratoga High.

At Age 12 when I moved from Sacramento to Saratoga, I went from First Chair Clarinet, swimmer, golfer at a leading country club and more to outcast in Saratoga in the first of 2 Middle Schools for a total of three middle schools I endured. Middle Schools are terrorist organizations if you don’t run the place the way I formerly ran Sacramento. In Saratoga we were too far from San Jose Country Club for a young teen to go where in Sacramento I could easily walk. But hey, I don’t get the information I have by having an easy life I guess.

I’ve seen waste and corruption by all who have a Social Security Number that I no longer have. You’re all criminals…that’s what makes it tough on me.

Plenty of stuff here to blackmail me with along with my tastes in sexual things. I don’t fret about such things. I put it out who I am and I’m not some scumbag “hater” as some have called me. I am a man who is accustomed the the finer things in life living not in that manner and knowing that he is in honor.

Have to go to my blog to see the rest.